Front-End (Web Applications) Developer

Dar es salaam, Tanzania

The purpose of the role is to ensure that through user research, information architecture and UX design, delivers an exceptional User Experience for customers through the Website and Mobile Application Channels. This role requires solid experience with user interface design, usability, user experience, web development technologies, and interfacing these technologies with front end user interface system

Key accountabilities and decision ownership

Good with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript 

Experience with Front-End Frameworks (React/Angular)

Good understanding of APIs and web application security.

Must have experience with version control (Github, Bitbucket, or GitLab)

Soft Skills: Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking, Self-Awareness, Team Player (Collaboration)

Core competencies, knowledge and experience

knowledge of Docker and Containers 

Build(CI/CD) tools

Experience:1-3 Years in the Software Development Environment(Experience with Linux is Desirable),

Soft Skills: Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking, Self-Awareness, Team Player(Collaboration)

 Personality: Good Communicator, Flexible.

Must Have

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering and other related field

Programming Languages: Java/Dart/JavaScript 

Experience with Web Applications Development using Java,JavaScript, and Dart(Flutter)

Good understanding of APIs and Web/Mobile Applications security.