Network and Security Engineer

Dar es salaam, Tanzania

For designing and administering security systems for organizational networks. A network security engineer protects systems from cyber threats, including bugs, malware, and hacking attempts


Maintaining LAN, WLAN and architecture of the server as per the business policy

As a precautionary measure, analyze and implement new security protocols for greater efficiency against any threat or malfunctions

Implement a virus detection system beforehand for sound safety.

Resolving the existing security issue including hardware malfunctions

 Generating and maintaining the virtual private network, firewalls, web protocols and email security decorum.

 Reporting the security analysis of findings

Maintaining the regulatory systems about ISMS policy (Information System Management Systems)

Investigations of Security breach alert

Developing the security authentication protocol

Maintaining server and switches

Maintaining & implementation of the SOP for Network security

Status reports of hardware and software products as per designated policies.

Supervising the installation of new software’s and hardware’s

Recommend modifications in legal, technical and regulatory areas that affect IT security.

 Monitoring of web security gateways, perimeter security, network access controls, endpoint security

Technical Skills

Knowledge of current information security trends

IT networking and programming skills

 Security protocol-building skills including authentication systems

Ability to administer firewalls, routers, virtual private networks (VPNs), and other security tools

Ability to maintain server, LAN, and WAN architecture

Infrastructure documentation and event reporting capabilities

Knowledge of cyber laws and compliance


Must hold a bachelor degree of computer engineering, management information system, ICT  and other related field

Knowledge of performing routing protocols (MPLS, HAIPE/IP, QOS and WAN

Must have CCNP certificate

Huawei, Fortinet and Sophos Certification will an added advantage